One-Sentence Guideline for Christians

From Connie Schultz, panelist on last night’s Bill Maher show:

I was raised by a born-again Christian who taught us that being a good Christian meant fixing yourself and helping others, not the other way around.

Okay, folks, there’s your sermon for today; no need to attend tomorrow.

Seriously — spend ten minutes, or ten hours, thinking about this sentence and its implications for your own life, and for the life of your faith community. What percent of that life is spent in this sentence, and what percent is spent in its inverse?

Many non-Christians see today’s Christian community as promoting two things: “God wants us to get ours” and “God hates everyone not like us, so let’s join him in that.” Unfortunately, we haven’t always done a good job of reversing that perception. We need to do a better job of that — and of calling out the getters and the haters.


More on Connie Schultz at Wikipedia. Here’s hoping I can be half that pungent in MY writing.

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