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Rage in 60 Seconds

(A Lection Reflection on Luke 4:21-30) If you want to say something happened in an unusually short amount of time, using “in sixty seconds” seems both specific and pretty short. This post’s title references, of course, the well-known Nicolas Cage … Continue reading

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New Poem: “Baptism”

New poem posted on the Poems page: “Baptism” — short poem of imagery about Jesus’s baptism.

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Writing As Calling, Writing As Drug

Thinking this morning about writing, and why I write.

One of the truths you have to face as you move into emotional health is your own neediness. If you are feeling needy, admitting it just makes the neediness worse, so it’s a tough task; but, like many things in emotional health, just naming it can take power away from it and make it manageable.

What does this have to do with writing? Two things. Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Baptism

I taught a class last night on baptism, part of a class on various topics at church (worship, baptism, communion, liturgical year). The framework we followed seemed useful, so I thought I’d share it here. Perhaps it will help others … Continue reading

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