A Christian Response to the Trump Election

This post is for all persons who call themselves Christian and are facing a Trump presidency, whether or not you voted for him. As Christians, what is our response? What should we do? Here are six things that seem obvious to me.

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New Poem Posted

A new poem on the site. Not one of mine, but one that I liked immediately upon reading it. It was shared by our Minister to Youth in the week following our choir’s performance of Faure’s Requiem, which I sang in. Hope you enjoy it!

For Remembered Music Sounding, by Thomas Troeger

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The Scribes and Widows You Don’t See

Imagine a group of people: a crowd at a football game, the downtown of a city, a congregation gathered for worship.

Now pick out the scribes and the widows. And here’s a hint: not all the widows are women, and not all the scribes are men.

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The Last Word

And when the strife is fierce, the warfare long,
Steals on the ear the distant triumph song …

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God Is Not An Equation

Like 1.5 billion other people, I am on Facebook. I currently have, uhm … { checking } … 791 friends there. And many of them are Christian.

I love my Christian friends, just like all my friends, but sometimes they post things that drive me crazy. (As does everyone on Facebook, of course, including me.) One of my biggest gripes is when they post Christian memes: you know, the sayings inside a picture. People used to put them up as posters around the church, but now we put them up on Facebook. Here are some actual examples:

  • If you feel distant from God, guess who moved.
  • Let God’s promises shine on your problems.
  • Everyday God drops showers of blessing and graces and only those with pure hearts catch them.
  • Keep Calm Because God Answers Prayer

The problem with these sayings, and others, is not that they are false. The problem is that they are not always true. Why? Because God is not an equation.

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