Myself and My Sites

I’ve been writing various things (articles, poems, parts of books) for some years. Blogging is another outlet, as well as a way to add my voice to the mix. I broke this site off from my original site in order to have a place for my more “serious” writing, including long-form work and books-in-progress.

As you can tell by looking at the blog topics, I’m interested in faith, works, and the church, especially of the Christian kind. I’ve served as a full-time and part-time minister of music most of my life, and in two churches I also served as minister of education. I’m now back “in the pew,” but still interested in the intersection of belief and life.

I’m also interested in writing and the arts. Writing about writing is a favorite means of procrastination of writers, and I certainly have been known to indulge that excuse. Still, perhaps some of my struggles and reflections may be helpful to another word jockey.

I am thinking of doing a book on leadership, and will be blogging some of the basic ideas here as I work on the book. (Don’t blame me; blame my former team, who gave me the idea! <g>)

The poetry section includes both my own poems, and some of my favorite poems of others. My goal is to write enough original poetry to put together a volume and offer it for sale; but for now, all my poems that I consider final-or-close-enough are posted here for all. You are free to use or quote them, with attribution.

Finally, I have an interest in emotional health, due to my own journey and the journeys of people around me. I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist; just someone who has worked through some things, learned a little along the way, and would like to share what I’ve learned with others.

Please feel free to make comments! I love to engage with readers. Also, you can follow this site on Facebook and Twitter, as outlined below.

Thanks for stopping by!

The Two Sites

First there was one, then there were four … and now there are two. Here’s a guide to the two personal sites I run, along with their Facebook pages and Twitter feeds:

BruceWriter My site for more “serious” writing. As noted above, this site holds my poems, essays, and longer articles, as well as posts on writing and the arts. In addition, I will post portions of books here as I work on them, and eventually (I hope) links to books and collections you can purchase.
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dot com
This is my original blog site, where I’ve been posting since 2004. I moved most of the politics out of this site when I went to four different sites. That was too much to manage, so I have gone back to using this site for politics, advocacy,  technology, sports, and life in general.
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