A Comment on Lost Friendships

Have you ever had a friendship come to an end, and no matter what you do, you can’t find out why? I have, and it’s frustrating.

There’s a person that was a fellow worker in some local political efforts. We became friends (I thought) and shared a lot of things, including some hard work, some triumphs, some frustrations, and lots of conversations. I tried to support what this person did, and the person themselves as well. I did all I knew to do to be a good friend.

And then — it was over. This person stopped talking, stopped working alongside, stopped being a friend. When I asked this person why, they said there was nothing wrong. But it was obvious whatever friendship we had had was gone.

I understand about ebb and flow of friendships. I understand that people who come together as part of working together on things don’t necessarily stay friends. What I don’t understand is when a friendship that seemed pretty strong ends so suddenly, with no explanation.

Ah well — I have many acquaintances, and some friends, and a few close friends. Life moves on, and life is good.

But a lost friendship — and a lost friend — still leaves a little bruise on your heart.

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