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The Right and The Wrong Way to Deny Yourself

(A Lection Reflection on Mark 8:34) Since forever, humankind has been trying to propitiate an angry god. From sacrificing virgins, to self-flagellation, to whatever gift of obligation we can think up, we keep approaching the spiritual world as something to … Continue reading

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Stop Repenting and Start Changing!

(a Lection Reflection on Mark 1:15) It’s just too easy, really. All I have to do is ask you to tell me the first picture that comes to your mind when I give you a word, and I bet many of … Continue reading

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Lection Reflection: Processing the Transfiguration

This week’s passage is a very familiar one, and has been written and preached about so many times that there is not much for me to add. I will note, though, a couple of things that struck me. Continue reading

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