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Toxic Faith and the Tiller Murder

The murder of George Tiller in his church this past Sunday has sparked horror and grief across the political and religious spectrum, as persons on both sides of the abortion debate have condemned the killing as senseless and wrong. Once past the universal condemnation, though, pro-choice advocates have been quick to cast the attack on the well-known abortion doctor as the logical outcome of the rhetoric of some pro-life groups and right-wing bloviators, while pro-life spokespersons have been just as quick to distance themselves from such rhetoric.

A secondary discussion has emerged in some quarters, and the heat and passions generated by this discussion have become, in some cases, bigger and hotter than the original story. Here’s the question:

Can Tiller’s murder be blamed on Christianity or on Christians? In other words, does adherence to the Christian religion make someone more likely to carry out an act such as this?

When I saw that question posted, my first thought was “not any Jesus faith that I’m familiar with.” But my second thought was: “Toxic Faith.”

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