Two Sunday Morning Blessings

Some of my friends and readers know that one of my lives is that of a musician. It’s interesting how compartmentalized our lives are; many of my co-workers have no idea of this part of me, or of my long history in making and directing music. (And of course, I don’t very much about many of them, either — one difference between an acquaintance and a friend.)

Anyway — I was driving in to Panera Bread this morning, before going on to church, and I was listening to our local classical music station, WFPL. Two blessings immediately came to mind: the blessing of having a local radio station devoted completely to classical music, and the blessing of the show that was on as I drove in, “Pipe Dreams.”

What an amazing instrument, the pipe organ! Capable of being so very big, and so very small, lyric or technical, angry or beautiful. The program ended with a four-hand organ piece, a fantasy based on Sine Nomine (one of my favorite hymn tunes). It was a fine piece, played by a husband-and-wife duo as part of a dedicatory concert of a new pipe organ. What a great way to start the day!

Here’s the web site: Pipe Dreams site. And here’s a link to the program I was listening to: Concert Capers. Enjoy!


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