by Bruce Maples

I do not need the endless noise
    of so-called modern life
Which strikes me, with its constant cacophony
    and assault upon the senses
        as neither “modern” nor “life.”

I am convinced
    one significant feature of hell
        will be noise:

The noise of activity, both thoughtless and self-important;
    The noise of striving,
The noise of anger, and of irritation
At anyone and anything
    that dares to interrupt my single-minded pursuit
        of more noise.

We have always had such noise.
    There is nothing “modern” about it.
The sounds of Rome in Caesar’s time
    would be just as cacophonous and rude.

No, the only “modern” attribute of this noise
    Is our ability to make so much of it
        And our desire for more and more of it.

I reject, then, being modern
    And wish to plant my being
Firmly in silence.

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  1. Meg Griffin says:

    strikes a deep chord that vibrates quietly in the soul – not noise

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