Live Like A Cat

(reflections on a cat on concrete outside a shop in Swansboro, NC)

I think there are many life lessons to be gained by observing cats.

— Cats are self-possessed. They own their own space, and they know they do. They’re also clear about what is their space and what isn’t.

— Cats can be calm and observant. Even when their eyes seem half-shut, they are still watching, still aware.

— Cats can be purposeful. When they finally decide on a course of action, they pursue it with relentless dedication.

— Cats know when to move. If someone is about to step on them, especially if the person is larger than them, they know how to move out of the way. Once they do, though, they reestablish their own space.

— Cats know how to relax. Nothing says complete, total relaxation like a cat stretched out asleep, in the shade, on a warm summer morning.


Self-possessed, calm, observant, purposeful, able to move when needed, but able to relax completely … yes, I’d say we can learn much from cats.

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