Life As Gift, Live As Gift

Sometimes, when you least expect it, grace breaks in.

Sunday night was the Four Churches concert that our church participates in each fall. Having finished my small handbell contribution (we accompanied the first hymn), I sat down to enjoy the rest of the concert. As I looked around the beautiful sanctuary of Church of the Advent, the music and the moment swept over me, and I realized how blessed it is to just be alive.

To be alive: To be able to appreciate art, and architecture, and music. To have a relationship with another human being. To sit in the presence of the One, and sense the love and life and light that flows toward us and around us in a never-ending river of grace. And to be able to sense all this, even faintly, and to marvel at it all.

Life is a gift. Even at its lowest moments, life is a gift. May we all live each day as the gift it is.

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  1. Life as gift and live as gift. This short post blessing me. It reminds me to be always grateful and be a blessing for others.

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