Interesting moment in Sunday worship

So there I was, singing away on some hymn like I usually do, glad that it had four verses ’cause that meant that I could try to sing all four parts (not at once, although some claim I try that too), when a thought crossed my mind:

“You know, Bruce, you’re going to die some day. And when that day comes, your vocal cords will be stilled and you won’t be able to sing these hymns. And your hands will be stilled, and you won’t be able to type and write and speak your piece. You’ve only got so many notes and so many words in you, dude, so use them well, use them wisely — but above all, make use of them while you still have the chance.”

It wasn’t a bad moment, or a guilt moment, or anything like that. It was just sort of a start, a shift in perspective that said “speak out and sing out while you have breath to sing and speak.”

The other thing that seemed to go with it was — speak the truth, or at least the truth as you see it. Don’t be mean, but don’t hold back either. It would be easy to attribute that to being 57 and being past worrying about what other people think — but the truth is, I DO care, probably too much. So, I temper things, and try to be fair and even-handed, and in the process just water down what needs to be said. This moment was like being told “make it count, dude.”

Don’t know if anyone can relate to this. Don’t know if it means anything, or was just a nice thought during a worshipful moment. But, it meant something to ME, and I thought I’d share.

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  1. Matt Ridge says:

    AMEN BROTHER! Even if we don't agree it is worth letting your perspective be known. It is up to each of us to understand that our life experiences are different and we must be willing to at least give others the opportunity to share their view. It is also important to really listen and be willing to change your own position. Sing it out but be willing to change your tune.

  2. CStephens says:

    I wrote and deleted about twenty different responses. I'll go with this one… I liked it. : )