For Remembered Music Sounding

For remembered music sounding when the last note fades away
and our hearts are left abounding with new confidence to pray,

For the preludes that re-center each distracted, fussing soul
so the peace of God may enter and restore and make us whole.

For the hymns of adoration that unite us in one voice
as we join the whole creation and together we rejoice,

For laments and psalms of sorrow that release our needed tears
and that help us reach tomorrow and to look beyond our fears.

For the beauty, for the glory, for the church alive with praise;
for the singing of the story that redeems our silent days—

God, our thanks are never ending while our spirits pray and long
to create, as you’re intending, that new world we glimpse through song.

~ Thomas H. Troeger

(A poem shared in the church newsletter the week after the choir performed Faure’s Requiem, which I sang in. I read the poem and wanted to share it more broadly.)