Help! My Child’s On Drugs!

This page is the index for the book Help! My Child’s On Drugs. As I blog sections of the book, I will link to them here. You can use this page both to track progress on the book and to get an overview of the content. If I make changes to the book’s structure, I will update this index.

Please feel free to comment on this outline and to make suggestions! I am sure there are topics or questions I have not thought of, and others that may need to be rearranged. I want this book to be as helpful and easy-to-use as possible, so I welcome all suggestions and feedback.

Help! My Child’s On Drugs

I. Introduction

A. Welcome

B. Our Story

C. Three Important Messages

1. You are not alone
2. You must be the steady one.
3. You can both get through this.

D. Big-time disclaimer

II. How Do You Know?

A. Your Child Told You

B. Someone Else Told You

C. Your Child Was Arrested/Caught

D. You Suspect

1. Signs of drug use

III. How Bad Is It?

A. Experimenting

B. Using

C. Hooked

1. Psychologically

2. Physically

IV. What Drug Is It?

A. Marijuana

B. Alchohol

C. Cocaine

D. Street Opioids (Heroin)

E. Prescription Stimulants

F. Methamphetamine

G. Inhalants

H. Prescription Sedatives

I. Hallucinogens

J. Ecstasy (MDMA)

K. Prescription Opioids

L. Steroids

V. Why Did It Happen?

A. Addictive Personality

B. Family Systems

C. Abuse of the Child

D. Psychological Causes

E. Physical Causes

VI. What Do You Do Now?

A. Face It

1. Reality statements

2. Honesty with others

3. Honesty with yourself

B. Deal With It

1. First things first

2. Symptoms

3. Causes

C. Live Through It

1. Support systems

2. Information

3. Acceptance

VII. Random Stuff

A. Treatment Programs

1. Type

2. Costs

3. Locations

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