Jake, Mary, and Jesus

“Jake, Mary, and Jesus” is a readers’ theatre play for the Advent and Christmas season. Jacob (“You can call me Jake”) is the next-door neighbor who became Jesus’s best friend, and is now sharing some of the stories Mary told him over dinner with him and Jesus. A new and different way to present the Christmas story!

This work can be staged various ways:

  • With or without music of your choice
  • With either one narrator or three actors
  • With the narrator or the actors reading their lines from a printed script, or acting out the script from memory
  • As a standard cantata, with choir or other musical group performing music in the music slots, and with either a single narrator or three actors

There are six music slots in the script as written, but you are free to adjust those as you see fit. I have included the titles that were used in the premiere, but those are just suggestions.

You only need to purchase one copy of the script, as it is a PDF and you can make copies as needed. If you are not charging admission for your performance(s), the one purchase is all you have to pay. If you are charging admission, there is an additional licensing fee based on your ticket price and anticipated attendance.

Here is a sample PDF from the opening of the play: Jake-Mary-Jesus-excerpt

To purchase the play, simply click the Buy Now button below. Once your purchase is complete, you’ll get a link to your own copy of the script, which you can then download. I think you and your church or community organization will enjoy staging Jake, Mary, and Jesus!

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